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Subaru “Grocery Getter” Long Rod Forged Shortblock

Subaru “Grocery Getter” Long Rod Forged Shortblock

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This Block Is Our Base Non Closed Deck (Semi Closed) EJ255 or EJ257 +2mm Long Rod Engine With Forged Internals.

These blocks are in Canada and therefore have no additional brokerage or duty charges when shipped within Canada.

If you are able to pick up in Red Deer we can do NO COST SHIPPING and can do CUSTOM SHIPPING QUOTES. 

When installed and tuned at AFR Autoworks you will receive 20,000 mile workmanship warranty.

This is recommended for 600BHP or less.

This engine consists of the following parts:

  • Seasoned EJ257 or EJ255 case halves
  • Forged Pistons 
  • Outfront Motorsports H Beam Rods +2mm Long Rods (EJ257 Only)
  • King Performance Bearings
  • New OEM Subaru Heat Treated Crankshaft
  • 8.5:1 CP EJ257 Pistons