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Home Of the Fastest Canadian Built Subaru

AFR Autoworks

Home of the World’s Fastest SBE MKIV Supra

We are home of the world's fastest SBE MKIV Supra and have the second fastest MK4 in Canada. We care about precision, speed, and power in all of our vehicles.

What Our Clients Say About Us

chris frohlick
4 months ago

Recently had a great experience at AFR. Came in for a tune for my JDM legacy. The crew was very friendly and knowledgeable. Adam did a fantastic job with the tune and problem solving some ecu compatibility issues. Would definitely recommend these guys.

Gordon Taylor
5 months ago

I have a 2004 WRX that has been swapped with a JDM EJ205 and is pretty high mileage. They've made this car behave like it's 10 years newer than it is. These guys have always been super patient and helpful given that this is my first turbo Subaru. They've also helped me save money and stress. Genuinely awesome crew they have and always a joy to chat with too. Only shop that will touch my Subaru.

7 Cars
11 months ago

Wow. What a bunch of great guys, super knowledgeable, very friendly and very helpful. Super impressed with the results of the Cobb Access Port on my 2022 WRX. Been out today and put a few more miles on it, amazing, the difference is transformational., from the stock tune. 3rd gear pulls are super impressive. Drivability right through the range is 100%, docile in town and in traffic until you step on the GO pedal. Once again very impressed with your friendliness, knowledge and willingness to help with my questions. If you have tuning questions about your car, DONT speak to anyone else until you have connected with AFR. Great job guys, I'll be back. Terry

Dale McCreery
7 months ago

The guys built my 2002 Subaru Impreza, lifted with an H6 engine swap, and equipped for the gravel roads I drive regularly - they even had a second alignment done because they weren't satisfied with how the first one handled! 70,000km later, they replaced some Tyrod ends, struts, and managed to get some new rotors, a caliper and pads in record time, and had my car back running perfect so I can bomb 500km of gravel and frost heaves again as fast as I want. The next trip out, I had to brake hard and swerve at the last moment to avoid a deer, and everything worked perfect. I still love my car, and my car still loves me! Safety and quality.

AFR Autoworks Store

When you love your car as much as you do, you want to shop with a parts store that has the same passion and love for vehicles. At AFR Autoworks, we are driving enthusiasts who only offer the best parts and options for racing enthusiasts and drivers who want to upgrade their vehicle.

At AFR Autoworks, we don't just offer a standard collection of auto parts. We are car and racing enthusiasts who meticulously pick the best parts for other enthusiasts of the sport.

Home of the World’s Fastest SBE MKIV Supra

We are home of the world's fastest SBE MKIV Supra and have the second fastest MK4 in Canada. We care about precision, speed, and power in all of our vehicles.

Home of the quickest, fastest, and highest whp Canadian Built Subaru

Our 1995 WRX makes over 900whp and has run in the 9s at over 150mph. We are looking forward to continuing working towards the cars full potential with the help of our industry partners and dedicated team.

Some impressive customer cars include a Skyline R32 GTR which we ran 10.8@133mph way back in 2015. We have built and tuned a 2016 Golf R which runs 10s in the quarter-mile. Other builds include time attack championship winning RB26 powered 300zx, multiple 500-700whp+ Subarus and Evos, 700+whp Hondas, many 600-700whp R32/33/34 and R35 GTRs, and numerous 600-1100whp Supras, and a healthy dose of American Muscle. These customer builds showcase how we are driven by passion at AFR Autoworks and want to provide you with the best of the best when it comes to your vehicle.

Subaru Maintenance, Repair, and Performance Specialists

Not only do we sell parts and do performance work, but we offer Subaru maintenance and repairs. We can install new parts and optimize vehicles to ensure top performance and reliability. Our shop features a Subaru 2022+ VB WRX that we use for testing and tuning. Our research and development team is testing out the newest parts and technology in the VB WRX to see how they perform and what parts can actually improve the performance in the vehicle. We can offer tuning with COBB or Motec, and performance parts from COBB and ETS to go from mild to wild. Currently our shop car makes over 400whp and has 30,000 trouble free kilometers since modifications.

Over the years, we've gone through multiple shop cars that have allowed us to learn, explore limitations, find the best parts, and really improve performance. In our early days at AFR Autoworks, the first official shop car was a 3RZ 4-cyl Toyota AE86 Corolla that we were able to run a 9 second quarter-mile time on back in 2014. This car is still around in Ontario and recently won an import shootout , still running bottom 9s.

From then on, we've continued to race different shop cars and pass that knowledge on to car enthusiasts who want to do the same for their vehicles.

Roger Clark Motorsports Products Canada

We are proud to be an official Canadian supplier of Roger Clark Motorsports products. We've been in partnership since 2014 and our inventory includes a wide range of products like timing belt kits, exhaust manifolds, their RCM dry sump, and brake kits.

Their high-quality products offer the stability and durability that drivers seek in their high-end automobiles.

Kelford Cams

Anyone who needs a high-quality camshaft in Canada can shop our wide range of options from Kelford cams. Made for cars from companies like Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, and Mazda, the camshafts offer precision and performance from a trusted company that originates in New Zealand and works with us directly in Canada. If we don't have a Kelford cam in stock for you, then we can work with the company directly to order one.

Link Engine Management

For all of your engine control unit needs, shop our huge selection of Link Engine Management products. Imported from New Zealand, the ECU units can be fine tuned directly in our shop on our awd dyno and we have been helping drivers with these reliable parts since 2010, making Link Engine Management one of our longest-running partners.


We are constantly on the lookout to improve and widen our service offerings. We recently teamed up with MoTeC to offer their diverse range of ECUs, PDMs, DashLoggers, and more. Their reputation for outstanding reliability, advanced technology, and high performance products has been built over 30 years of supporting many record setting drag cars, and top race and rally teams.

Shop at our online store or visit us in-person and one of our trained professionals can help guide you through all of your vehicle needs.