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MoTec Engine Management

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Welcome to MoTec AFR! Motec Engine Management is one of the top leading suppliers of motorsport electronics worldwide. You’ll find MoTec hardware on the highest level applications in all forms of racing, performance automotive and even watercraft and military applications around the globe. MoTec takes the knowledge and experience gained at this level and we apply that to club level products that are incredibly intuitive to use given their capability. Paired with extensive webinars, documentation and free software available for all to download, MoTec is the most accessible top tier electronics manufacturer out there.

There is a reason so many experienced racing engineers and teams choose MoTec. The software is extremely powerful, allowing the end user to accomplish anything he/she can imagine, while at the same time being incredibly intuitive and accessible.

Here are some features about MoTec software – something that is not always appropriately considered when selecting hardware. Software should be one of the main considerations because after-all, the software is what you’ll be using on an ongoing basis! If the software is poor, even the best hardware will be essentially useless. We ask that you compare the software features, usability and frequency of updates of MoTec versus other products you might be considering. Unfortunately many come to MoTec after already owning something else, and comment that they wish they had selected MoTec the first time around!