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Our Shop

AFR Autoworks is a 5800sqft workshop in Red Deer, Alberta.

Our workshop can help you love and enjoy your car by providing a skilled set of eyes and hands, combined with the tools needed for the job.

Our inspections are done by qualified technicians with photo documentation available via our online portal.

We use high quality fluids and filters for our oil changes and service work. We want to make sure that even the most basic of service at AFR is set apart.

Whether your vehicle is in for required repairs, recommended maintenance, or preventative measures, we can help find what is best for you.

From standard maintenance items such as a Subaru timing belt,

or moving on to major engine repairs or upgrades, we have the experience and knowledge to get it done right and with parts that suit your requirements whether a reliable daily or a high powered track car.

Fabrication and tig welding are often a requirement when modifying a vehicle, and can be extremely handy in many service situations. We have a dedicated space, with the required tooling and skills to complete your project. If we build you exhaust or intercooler piping, it’s tig welded stainless or aluminum.

Electronics can be challenging. Diagnostics can be difficult. Our modern equipment and logging capabilities help us decipher challenging problems. Our understanding of automotive electrical allow us to wire a performance car from scratch or diagnose a faulty signal light with confidence.

Keeping things simple for you, we offer a start to finish service. From individual parts to dyno tuning and completion, our AWD dyno and tuning facilities allow us to give you back a completed project ready to enjoy.

Above all we want your experience to be positive. While your car is being serviced you can view pictures, current invoice point, expected costs, and parts statuses. You can read technician notes, review checklists, receive text communication, and approve additional work remotely.

We want you to love and enjoy your car more than ever. We want to sell you parts that will maximize your vehicles performance and reliability, perform craftsmanship that will stand the test of time, and carefully calibrate on the dyno to make it all come together with efficiency, power, and reliability.