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Roger Clark Motorsport - RCM

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Roger Clark Motorsports

AFR Autoworks has been a proud supplier of Roger Clark Motorsports (RCM) Products for many years. Roger Clark Motorsports developes the ultimate solutions to Subaru EJ engine problems.

Their slogan “Driven by Passion” says it all. From their WRC and rally origins to their legendary Gobstopper 1, Gobstopper 2, and Gobstopper 3 time attack cars; the RCM performance products are carefully engineered and thoroughly tested in motorsports environments.


The RCM Power Parts range is built on a deep motorsport heritage spanning 6 decades of competition at the highest level.  We are happy to offer engineering solutions which are driven by a desire to succeed and the Passion to Win.
AFR Autowork’s drag car along with RCM’s Gobstopper Race program is the perfect test bed for all our products, allowing parts to be rigorously tested and proven before being made available to the Subaru market.

Some of our favourite RCM Power Parts are the “Subaru Alloy Camshaft Pulleys” to replace the Bakelite cam gears that come on many EJ Subaru models, the “RCM High Performance Oil Filter” which is designed solely for use with high performance Subaru engines, along with their modified oil pumps and “RCM 4-Stage Dry Sump System” for the EJ20/22/25 for the ultimate in oil system performance and protection.


At AFR Autoworks we are able to offer a full range of STI Sports Parts. Subaru Technica International offers a large range of street friendly performance parts which are upgrades of standard Subaru offerings. Group N engine mounts, STI triple pillow ball lateral link sets, and Group N strut mounts would be some highlights of this collection.


Roger Clark Motorsports is constantly developing new Subaru performance parts.

One of their exciting new products is the “RCM600 Subaru Twin Scroll Precision Hybrid Turbo” which utilizes Precision’s 58mm Gen 2 turbo with RCM’s own twin scroll turbine housing for the ultimate in Subaru stock location twin-scroll turbo performance. We have made over 560whp (650bhp) on the 58mm Gen 2 precision turbo. This twin-scroll turbo option is available as the RCM500 as well which utilizes the 55mm Precision turbo with the Roger Clark Motorsports twin-scroll turbine housing and wastegate.

RCM O-Ringed Thermal Spacer Kits are newly available for V1/2, V3/4, V5/6, V7+, and Spec C.

We sell the Roger Clark Motorsports “RCM Eccentric Adjustable Idler Dual Bearing Set” to many customers to help keep their camshaft timing as accurate as possible. This is especially helpful when cylinder heads, block, or head gasket thicknesses have been modified.

AFR Autoworks WRX Drag Car

We use many Roger Clark Motorsports parts on the AFR Autoworks GC8 drag car. RCM helps keep us reliable and at maximum performance. The AFR shop car has many RCM parts; RCM 4-Stage Dry Sump along with the RCM Dry Sump Under Bonnet Installation Kit, RCM Eccentric Adjustable Idler Dual Bearing Set, RCM Alloy / Steel Vernier Cam Pulley Set 2001-2007 (V7-V9), RCM Thermal Spacer Kit, Cylinder 4 Cooling Mod, and RCM Billet Half Moon Seals. These quality parts help keep us making over 900whp and reving to 9500rpm as reliably as possible!