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Roger Clark Motorsports | RCM 4 Stage Dry Sump System

Roger Clark Motorsports 4 stage dry sump system

Adam McCreery |

When you drive a high performance or race vehicle powered by a Subaru EJ engine, you want to ensure the oil flows to the engine correctly under all conditions. One of the best ways to do this is with the RCM 4 Stage dry sump system.

We currently run this exact dry sump kit on our shop drag car.

Manufactured by Roger Clark Motorsport, the premium RCM 4 Stage Dry Sump System allows you to maximize safety and reliability by supplying a constant high pressure and high quality oil supply to the engine. The RCM 4 Stage Dry Sump System increases power by scavenging the crankcase reducing windage losses and improving ring seal.

Highlights of the 4 Stage Dry Sump System

  • 3 ultra-efficient scavenge stages and 1 pressure stage
    ◦ Reduces windage losses
    ◦ Reduces blow-by
    ◦ Improves ring seal
    ◦ Reduces oil pump cavitation
  • Housings and scavenge rotors manufactured with high quality aircraft aluminum alloy.
  • Comes with cavitation friendly cast OEM 2 port water pump
  • Corrosion resistant satin black finish that will absorb excess heat
  • Billet aluminum thermostat housing

Roger Clark Motorsport designed this 4 stage dry sump system using an Auto Verdi Racing pump which has been proven in NASCAR and other high levels of motorsport. This is the same kit we run on our 900+whp Subaru drag car with absolutely rock solid oil pressure up to our 9500rpm.

The easy installation process of this sump system eliminates the need to remove the engine from the car, streamlining the process and creating an ideal upgrade option. Every RCM 4 Stage Dry Sump System also comes with their satin black water pump, water pump gasket, thermostat seal, billet thermostat housing and required bolts.

If you are running a RHD vehicle – RCM also offers fitment kits

  • For GC8 and GF8 vehicles, see kit RCM2670
  • For GD vehicles please see kit RCM3300

With everything all in one kit, improving the performance and reliability of your car with the RCM 4 stage dry sump system is straight forward and far more affordable than a rebuild!