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Is it worth upgrading your Intercooler?

Is it worth upgrading your Intercooler?

Adam McCreery |

Our 2022 WRX says YES with real world data.

Stock turbo, 23psi peak boost, 2-3-4 gear pull, stock TMIC. IATs climb from 35c to 90c.

Air density dropping down to .973 kg/m3

Our Extreme Turbo Systems 4” FMIC, 23psi peak boost, 2-3-4 pull. IATs go from 35c down to 30c and then climb back to 35c the top of 4th gear.

Air density remaining at 1.146 kg/m3

That’s a difference of about 18% density!

Equivalent to over 63whp lost at the top of 4th gear on the factory TMIC on a car making 350whp on pump gas.

That’s given you are running the same ignition advance, which if your IATs are 90c it’s unlikely you will be.

100% worth it.

On a dyno pull through a single gear, the IATs will not rise nearly as far, making a small difference in the power “on the dyno”, but the effect is massive in the real world.

This is why charge cooling is one of the most effective and safest ways of increasing engine power on forced induction vehicles.

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