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Italian RP - RB32 Pistons Low Comp

Italian RP - RB32 Pistons Low Comp

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At Italian RP all departments, starting from material quality control, research and development, production to quality control, are housed under the same roof. All materials needed in the production of our products are acquired in Italy and 100% certified.


We have a wide selection for almost every motor/engine in our product line. If we do not have what you are looking for, we are more than happy to manufacture a custom set specially for you. The satisfaction of our valued customers is our top priority.


With a worldwide network of distributors, we have proven our products to work anywhere regardless of climate. Additionally, all R&D for our products is performed within the UAE and rigorously tested at 50C (122F) temperatures, averaging over 90% humidity. These extreme circumstances allow us to guarantee reliability anywhere in the world.


There is no compromise when it comes to quality. We select only the highest quality materials combined with innovative technology to maximize the performance and durability of our engine materials.


Using the latest generation of 5 axis CNC machines and a fully automated and robotically controlled production line, which satisfies the pre-requisition for industry 4.0. The profile ovality is guaranteed to be the tightest tolerance with a TAKISAWA TPS3100H machine inside temperature and humidity-controlled room.


We stay up to date with the most advanced material selection, such as the latest available material technology derived with Formula 1. Our features such as double bridge construction attribute in every piston, from the lowest to highest end product. This is something that we can proudly to have such incredible features throughout our entire range.

Francesco Emanuele Errigo, the owner and founder of Italian RP discovered his passion for the Motorsport/Racing field during his childhood. Growing up on his father's "Ubaldo Racing Car" workshop, he was inspired by the maniacal care for details that were involved in the daily routine.

After he graduated from UNICAL (Calabria University) as a mechanical engineer, Francesco set up a successful wholesale business selling Racing Car components for over a decade.

In 2014, Francesco put his passion, hard work, and experience together and founded Italian RP with the target to manufacture high-quality engine parts for the edge of the motorsport market with competitive prices and satisfactory delivery times to fulfill his customer's needs.

Together with a highly qualified team of material specialists, design engineers, production craftsmen, research & development professionals, and engine specialists hid dream became true.

Due to continuous research & development and analysing the competition, after only 5 years, Italian RP can manufacture more than 200.000 parts per year. Francesco has equipped his company not only with highly professional staff but also with the latest technology of 20 CNC machines and a fully automated and robotically controlled production line.

Today Italian RP have in production 4 different type of connecting rods, capable to satisfy the motorsport market at all level, from small budget projects, till the most competitive branches of Motorsports.

The four lines of products are called IRPRE (Entry-level), IRPRS (Silver line), IRPRG (Golden line), and IRPRP (Platinum line). All materials are high-grade steel which can satisfy aeronautics and military standards.

The entry-level rods it's for all motor enthusiast who doesn't want to give up quality and performances but has a limited budget at their disposal. This rod is made in 34CrMo6 with high-grade steel, reinforced with the latest generation heat treatment which is capable to offer 10% more strength to cycle fatigue stress when compared to competitor's similar materials (4340). Even if this is the most economic line it receives the same amount of care as all our other products.

The silver line rods are our most sold and balanced product. It's forged from high-grade steel and reinforced with the latest generation heat treatments which can offer 10% more strength to cycle fatigue stress when compared to the IRPRE and 20% when compared to 4340. The silver line is our centrepiece and most sold product because it allows great performance and reliability.

The golden line rods are addressed to experts in the motorsport world. It's made from high-grade steel and certified for military and aeronautics use. Reinforced with the latest generation heat treatment called deep freezing which allows the material to sustain 15% more strength to cycle fatigue stress when compared to IRPRS and 10% when compared to 300M. With this new product line, we have improved our already performing silver line to make its endurance more extremes condition.

The Platinum line is our top-quality line, addressed for extreme application, and who want to replace titanium with steel. Platinum is an excellent substitute for titanium, with a similar weight but with greater performance. It is further reinforced with two deep freezing treatments, one the beginning and one at the end of the production line. This treatment allows 5% more endurance when compared to IRPRG.

As for our connecting rod, we subdivided our pistons line to ensure that all of our client's needs are met. Italian RP pistons are the culmination of years of experience in the field. made from only high-grade aluminium, which can satisfy both aeronautics and military standards. For the engineering of our pistons, we use only the best technology and the latest generation of CNC machinery with 5 simultaneous axes. Our production line is also equipped with a robotic arm, which satisfies the pre-requisites for industry 4.0