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TTLink - #TT+
Free yourself from the constraints of the factory ECU. 

The Link G4+ ECU: TTLink TT+ PlugIn fits the VWAG PQ34 1.8l Turbo e-throttle. The Audi ECU is a direct fit in the factory location. 

Installation is a breeze with no alteration of the factory wiring loom required. A built-in connector (or pins in some models) provides additional inputs and outputs such as oil pressure inputs or anti-lag / logging switches. 

Factory features are supported - see Features for any exceptions.

Need more inputs and outputs? 
The XS Expansion Loom offers the ability to add additional inputs & outputs on our range of plug-in ECUs. 

Includes Integrated 4 Bar MAP Sensor


G4+ PlugIn Key Features (Where Applicable)

  • Up To 6D Fuel And Ignition Mapping
  • Precision Closed Loop Cam Control (Four Cam, Independent Control)
  • Sequential Fuel Delivery
  • Digital Triggering, All OEM Patterns
  • OEM Idle Hardware Supported
  • 5D Boost Control With Three Switchable Tables
  • Motorsport Features - Antilag, Launch, Flat Shift
  • Continuous Barometric Correction (On Board)
  • CAN Port
  • QuickTune - Automated Fuel Tuning
  • Individual Cylinder Correction
  • USB Tuning Cable Included
  • Stats Recording Into On-Board Memory
  • Gear Compensations For Spark, Boost And Fuel
  • Real Time Selectable Dual Fuel, Ignition And Boost Maps
  • Sync And Crank Sensors Can Be A Combination Of Hall Effect, Variable Reluctance Or Optical
  • Boost Control Referenced To Gear, Speed Or Throttle Position
  • Up To 32Mbit (4MB) Internal Logging Memory
  • Staged Injection
  • Knock With "Windowing"

    Engine Configurations

    Engine configurations are pre-set into PlugIn ECUs with a "start" base map.



    • Engine Temperature Dependent Soft and Hard RPM Limit
    • Engine Temperature Dependent Soft and Hard Boost Limit
    • Vehicle Speed Limit
    • System Voltage Limit
    • User Configurable RPM Limit based on external input

    Fueling Adjustments

    • Up to 440 Zone Fuel Table with configurable load and RPM centres. Configurable X and Y Axis Parameters
    • Multiple Fuel Tables
    • Up to 6D Fuel Mapping
    • Injection Rate
    • Master Enrichment
    • Pre Crank Prime
    • Crank Enrichment
    • Post Start Enrichment
    • Warm Up Enrichment
    • Acceleration Enrichment
    • IAT Fuel Correction
    • Injector Deadtime Compensation
    • Overrun Fuel Cut
    • Idle Load Trims
    • Fuel Temperature Correction

    Ignition Adjustments

    • Up to 440 Zone Ignition Table with configurable load and RPM centres. Configurable X and Y Axis Parameters
    • Closed Loop Knock Control. (Requires External Controller)
    • Crank Dwell Extension
    • Maximum Advance
    • AFR Table Correction
    • Spark Duration
    • Beginning / End Injection Definable
    • Dwell Time Table. Configurable X and Y Axis Parameters
    • Individual Cylinder Trim
    • Individual Cylinder Tables
    • Multiple Ignition Tables
    • Up to 6D Ignition Mapping
    • Individual Cylinder Ignition Trim
    • IAT Trim
    • Voltage Correction
    • ECT Trim
    • OEM Compatibility
    • CDI Compatibility


    • Digital Trigger Decoding
    • Reluctor, Optical Proximity or Hall Sensors
    • Programmable filtering and arming thresholds
    • Configurable trigger patterns or preset triggering options.
    • Supports nearly all OEM trigger patterns and custom trigger arrangements

    MotorSport Features

    • Antilag Group A/Group N
    • Launch/Traction Control
    • Flat Shifting
    • Stats Logging
    • Staged Injection

    Auxiliary Output Options

    • Application specific. Output drives can be altered from OEM configuration. e.g. Purge control may be in the standard set-up. This can be re-wired and programmed in the Link Plug-in to control intercooler water spray (if added) for example.
      • Each Output independently configurable
      • Unused ignition and injection outputs available as auxiliary outputs
      • General Purpose Output
      • General Purpose PWM
      • Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control
      • Closed Loop Idle Speed Control (Solenoid or Stepper (4 & 6 Terminal))
      • Fuel Pump
      • Fuel Pump Speed Control
      • Engine Fan
      • Air Con Clutch
      • Air Con Fan
      • Intercooler Spray
      • Tacho
      • Check Engine Light
      • Purge Solenoid
      • Oxygen Sensor Heater
      • Switched Cam Solenoid

    Variable Valve Timing (where applicable)

    • Up to 4 channel independent
    • Precision Closed Loop Control
    • 3D Tables with configurable X and Y axis controls
    • Preset or Custom Configuration
    • Supported Engines - 1UZFE VVTi; Subaru AVCS; EVO 9 VVT; BMW VANOS; Toyota 3SGE, 1ZZ, IJZ, 2NZ, 2JZ; Honda K20; Nissan VQ35; Ford V8; Holden V6


    • 40 MHz Specialised Engine Management Microprocessor
    • Ignition control to 0.1 degree, fuel to 0.01 ms
    • 32 Bit Calculation
    • 10 Bit ADC Resolution
    • 20000+ RPM
    • 32Mbit Non Volatile Flash


    • Totally application specific


    • Tuning Port USB Via Adapter Cable
    • Serial RS232
    • CAN

    Analog Inputs

    • Each channel independently configurable with preset or custom calibrations
    • Wideband O2 (from external controller)
    • Boost Adjust Signal
    • Configurable Fault Detection Settings
    • Voltage (0-5V)
    • Pyro (from external controller)
    • Throttle Position
    • Pressure (general purpose, fuel, oil)
    • Air Flow Meter
    • MAP
    • Temperature (coolant, IAT, general purpose)
    • Throttle Position
    • Narrow Band O2

    Boost Control

    • Engine Temp Correction
    • IAT Correction
    • Multiple Boost Tables
    • External Adjustment

    Idle Control

    • Reliable and accurate user configurable Closed Loop Control
    • Solenoid or Stepper Motor ISC Valve
    • Aircon, Engine Fan or Power Steer idle up
    • Open Loop Control Mode for diagnostics


    • Internal Temperature Range -10 - 85oC
    • Ambient Temperature Range -30 - 90oC
    • Voltage 8 - 22V
    • Operating Current 200mA
    • Electrical protection on all inputs and outputs


    • Adjust ALL parameters in real time
    • Mouse or keyboard operation
    • Tuning
    • QuickTune - automated fuel self tuning
    • Logging Analysis
    • Diagnostic Information
    • Built In Help
    • Definable Screen Layouts
    • View over 300 possible run time parameters


    • Dimensions and weights change according the the specific plug-in supplied
    • Connector : Same as factory ECU

    Package Contents

    • G4+ PlugIn ECU
    • MAP sensor for applications where no factory MAP sensor fitted
    • Anti static strap
    • Wiring and Installation Instructions

    Additional Accessories (Purchased Separately)

    • Intake Air Temperature Sensor

    - 3/8 NPT
    - Bosch Push In
    - 14mm (Aluminium Or Steel Mounting Bosses To Suit)

    • Throttle Position Sensor
    • 1,2 or 3 Channel Link Igniter
    • Narrowband Oxygen Sensor
    • Wideband O2 Controller & Sensor
    • Injector Ballast Resistor Packs

    - 1 x 1R (6 x <6R injectors)
    - 2 x 1R (12 x <6R injectors)
    - 1 x 4R7 (1 x <6R injectors)
    - 2 x 4R7 (2 x <6R injectors)
    - 1 x 2R2 (1 x <3R injectors)
    - 2 x 2R2 (2 x <3R injectors)
    - 4 x 4R7 (4 x <6R injectors)
    - 6 x 4R7 (6 x <6R injectors)