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PLATINUM RACING PRODUCTS - RB Series Mechanical Fuel Pump Bracket with Full Trigger Kit With DOUBLE CAS Bracket

PLATINUM RACING PRODUCTS - RB Series Mechanical Fuel Pump Bracket with Full Trigger Kit With DOUBLE CAS Bracket

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Complete Trigger Kit Including Double CAS Bracket and Mechanical Fuel Pump Bracket – RB Series (Kinsler Pump is Optional)

This RB Trigger kit has evolved, through research and development to offer precision ignition timing, for high powered and high RPM applications.

The double CAS bracket allows you to split up the fuel pump and cam trigger home hardware, with this versatile kit you can run the pump on the inlet or the exhaust cam, and the trigger or OEM CAS or any other type of aftermarket triggers on alternate Cam leaving you as many options as possible.

We have developed the bottom timing gear with trigger disc to be one piece, this disallows a screwed on trigger disc to ever come loose. This custom made gear will work with all and any balancer including Ross and OEM in ALL Rb series engines.

The cherry hall effect magnetic proximity pickup timing gear tooth sensor is now the industry benchmark, the cam sensor bracket is light and simple and incorporates the use of a smaller more discreet cherry sensor, its all easy to get to, easy to adjust and the sensors (both top and bottom) can be adjusted and or replaced without the removal of any hardware including the harmonic balancer which is a never seen before feature.

Crank trigger kit includes

  •  PRP bottom timing gear with incorporated trigger disc, an added feature is 2 m6 tapped holes for ease of removal.
  •  Billet alloy bottom sensor mount * ZF / Cherry sensor
  •  3 Pin Deutch plug set, dual wall heat shrink, and nylon Braid
  •  Bolt kit * Lifetime warranty on all Platinum Racing Products hardware, 1 year on electronics.

Mechanical Fuel pumps.

With great power comes the need for dependable fuel delivery. The modern performance car is using so much more fuel to make the average 1000hp street car these days, there is a much simpler and in some ways primitive fuel system available to you right now being the PRP Cam driven Mechanical fuel pump system. No wiring, no current draw, no need for upgraded alternators required to power up the nostalgic 044 or newer version in-tank pump that draws 18 amps, this system is bulletproof. Its quiet, its lite, it is extremely reliable, and this system has been used for decades in Indy, Nascar, sprint car racing you name it, even light aircraft it works, whether you use it for street or track it’s efficient and the way of the future.

PRP has designed a billet alloy bracket kit utilizing the cam gear to a drive mechanical fuel pump

The PRP kit includes:

  •  This kit comes with the mechanical fuel pump kit, and complete separate trigger kit to run independently of the fuel pump hardware, in the alternate cam position
  •  Spider uni type coupling that absorbs shock, reverberation and noise prolonging equipment life.
  •  Easy to assemble hardware with excellent support, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders with tech, warranty and support.
  • This kit has been designed to incorporate the use of any of the leading pumps on the market including Kinsler, Weldon, Waterman, and Enderlie
  •  Lifetime warranty on PRP Billet hardware, 1 year on electronics and pumps.